Bellydance Book Project


Book Designs & wood sculpture dancer by Linda Ness

Cover Design for my "Art of Bellydance" book


First page for Linda's book

Page 2 for Gail Flynn's (Javarah) book

Page 3 for Anne's book

Page 4 for Basimah Dalal's  book

Page 5 for Diana's  & Page 6 for Wes's book

Page 7 for Maitri's book

Page 8 for Luna's book

page 9 for Andrea's book

Page 10 for Janice's Book


for Laura's book (Sept 2008)

Just to let you all know what this project is all about. 
The project is as follows:

1. Each artist builds a book - front cover, about twelve inside pages, back
cover. The size and shape are up to the artist, as is the binding.

2. Each artist decorates the front cover and first page of their book
according to the theme of the project (which is "belly dancing" for this

3. At the given time, each artist mails their book to the next person on
their list. Artist A will mail to Artist B who mails his book to Artist C
who mails her book to Artist D and so forth.

4. Each artist decorates the second page of the book. (Artist B will do
his work on the second page of Artist A's book, etc)

5. At the given time, each artist mails the book to the next person. Now
Artist C has Artist A's book and will decorate the third page. At the end
of the project, Artist A will receive her original book back, now completely
filled with amazing art from the dancers/artists participating in the
project. All, that is, but the last page, which Artist A now decorates,
completing the cycle.

I figured a week to think about the design, a week to decorate, a week to
package the book and a week in transit - about a month per page. With
twelve artists, this project should take just over a year. May or June next
year, each artist will be the proud owner of a completely unique book filled
with individual and original art from fellow belly dancing artists.

That means that you all have signed a year of your life to this project.
Although I suspect it ultimately will be two days a month, tops. (one to
decorate, one to mail) But that doesn't include the time you spend planning
your next masterpiece or flipping through the previous pages for
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